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1.Are you retired under a State of Florida Retirement System?

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2. Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English?

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3. Do you have transportation to and from training and on Election Day?

4. How far are you willing to travel from your home?

5. Have you ever worked as an election worker before?

If yes, where and when
6. I am comfortable with learning new technology

7. I am comfortable reading and following technical instructions

8. I have experience using Windows software programs

9. Are you a registered voter in Osceola County?

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Please summarize any special skills and/or qualifications you have acquired from employment, volunteer work or through other activities
I certify that the foregoing answers are true; that I agree to comply with all pertinent election laws including attendance at mandatory training classes. I further certify that I am a registered voter in Osceola County; that I have no physical disabilities that would hinder my performance at the polls, and I can read, write and speak the English language as required by Florida Law. I understand that as an Election Worker, I serve at the will of the Supervisor of Elections and may be removed.
*Prospective Election Workers are required to attend an orientation and pass a competency test before being selected. You will be contacted by mail to attend an orientation session. The number of Election Workers for each election is determined by the size of the election and the expected voter turnout. Election Workers are chosen to work a specific election by their availability, skills, willingness to travel and the number of workers needed.
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